Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Frugal Tip #2: Make your own Bread Crumbs

This is an easy one. Take leftover bread, the heels, those 2 biscuits you didn't finish, cornbread that's too much to eat, really anything and throw it into the freezer. As you get another piece add it to the bag. You can mix all types together. It actually makes the bread crumbs better. If you have a Food Saver make a bag extra big. When you need to add pieces to it slit the bag open add and reseal. To use throw the frozen bread, no need to thaw, into a mixer or a food processor to grind up. Or you can go old school and beat it with a rolling pin or shread with your hands.
Now you no longer have to buy bread crumbs and you kept yourself from throwing out perfectly good food. I like to use mine in meatloaf! Hmmmm meatloaf.

Food Savers Are Good (Or How My Husband Was Right)

One of the Christmas presents we got was a Food Saver. Now my husband is a gadget man. Being a cook and all he likes things for the kitchen especially. I however had my doubts. I try to keep things simple and stick with the basics. I'm not an organized type of person nor verry good with housekeeping. I also suck at learning to use new things and have an uncanny ability to kill electronics. And really what could a Food Saver due that I couldn't with a freezer bag and a straw?
Turns out a lot. I love this thing! It's so easy to use and fun. So far I've saved chilli that was headed to the trash, the end of bread loaves and biscuits. If you want to freeze sruff and stockpile it is worth the money!
So, yes Dear You Were Right.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Moments of the Ridiculous

This morning I shaved a mole that I was scheduled to have cut out. Why? Because the thought of some lab tech having to check not just a huge mole but a hairy one to boot for cancer cells bugged me.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Downton Abbey is Back!!

I love Downton Abbey. I came across season 1 on Netflix last winter. I thought it was a documentary. I love documentaries! For those of you who are not hip to PBS broadcasting it's the story of the people who live and work around an English estate after the turn of the century. Season 2 starts halfway thru the first world war. Not only do I love it but my husband does to. My favorite character is the Dowager Countess played by Maggie Smith. She is hilarious! This is unlike any Masterpiece Theater I have ever seen before. And I must not be alone because it won 6 Emmys. Check it out...


Frugal Tip #1: Make Your Own Chicken Stock

Make your own chicken stock.

  Save your scraps. If you cut a backbone out of a chicken or the extra parts that always come with a turkey throw them in a ziplock bag in the freezer. It takes up no room. Any veggies that are past there prime, meaning limp and not appetizing for raw eating but not moldy, throw in the bag as well. When you have a bag full and are going to be hanging around the house throw it all in a big pot add lots of water and let 'er go. You might want to add some spices and herbs. Do an online search for specific recipes. Check occasionally to be sure it didn't boil dry. You don't even need to chop anything just add whole.

   It's also healthier. Store bought has lots of salt and you don't know what quality the ingredients were. It usually has some kind of preservative added too.

   This is so easy but does take a little time. Try it sometime!

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Front Door

Here's my front door. I currently live in an apartment but I believe it's important to have a good homecoming. So I've dressed it up for the fall season. I plan to show my door in all its changes, from seasons to seasons and hopefully to a new door of a home

How do you dress up your door to give your family the warm fuzzies? Care to join me in the My Front Door series? Give me a yell to let me know you've joined in.

Fall has finally come to visit us this Sunday. We had clear skies, cool winds,  and Princess found the first colored leaf. Hope to head for the mountains next weekend to really see some foliage.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Menu Monday

Here's this weeks menu.
Here are some general notes about my meal plans: I'm sacrificing a little health to help me get back into the groove of cooking every night. Next week I'm going to incorporate more healthy choices. Crockpot meals are usually on days that we have things going on in the evenings. If "leftover" is listed in a lunch it means we will be eating whatever we had for dinner the night before.

Mondays are leftover day. Also known as clean out the fridge day. I plan to make a big Sunday dinner so there will also be leftovers from that too.
Monday- Breakfast-Cereal
               Lunch- Pot Roast Sandwiches
               Snack- Popcorn with peanuts
               To Do-Make P.B. and Oatmeal muffins and Chicken Apple Salad

Chicken Apple salad is a mix of celery, apples and grilled chicken. It's delicious and very healthy.
               Lunch- Chicken Apple Salad
               Dinner- Crockpot Chili & Corn Bread
               Snack- PB&J roll up
               To Do- 

Wednesday-Breakfast- Muffins
               Lunch- Leftovers
               Dinner- Chicken Parmesan Spaghetti, raw broccoli
               Snack- yogurt
               To Do

I'm trying a variation of The Pioneer Woman's meatloaf but I'm going to put it in the crockpot which I've also never done. So we'll see how it turns out!
Thursday-Breakfast- Muffins
               Lunch- leftovers
               Dinner- Crockpot Meatloaf, raw veggies
               Snack- Cheese and crackers
               To Do

Friday-Breakfast- Cereal
               Lunch- Leftovers
               Dinner- Baked fish, grilled onions, cooked carrots
               Snack- Granola bar
               To Do

Banana pancakes are just a banana and 2 eggs with a little cinnamon in a blender and cooked just like regular pancakes. 
Saturday-Breakfast-Banana Pancakes & Bacon
               Lunch- leftover meatloaf
               Dinner- Out
               Snack- apples and peanut butter with honey
               To Do

Since we are living far away from family I've decided to start making a nice Sunday dinner for the three of us. But it will most likely occur between lunch and dinner. I also plan to have a dessert on Sunday's. It's the only day of the week that we will have a sweet.
Sunday- Breakfast-Cereal
               Lunch- Chicken Pot Pie
               Dinner/ Dessert on Sundays- not sure yet. We'll see what I feel like closer.
               Snack- Granola bars
               To Do-