Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Food Savers Are Good (Or How My Husband Was Right)

One of the Christmas presents we got was a Food Saver. Now my husband is a gadget man. Being a cook and all he likes things for the kitchen especially. I however had my doubts. I try to keep things simple and stick with the basics. I'm not an organized type of person nor verry good with housekeeping. I also suck at learning to use new things and have an uncanny ability to kill electronics. And really what could a Food Saver due that I couldn't with a freezer bag and a straw?
Turns out a lot. I love this thing! It's so easy to use and fun. So far I've saved chilli that was headed to the trash, the end of bread loaves and biscuits. If you want to freeze sruff and stockpile it is worth the money!
So, yes Dear You Were Right.

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