Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Frugal Tip #2: Make your own Bread Crumbs

This is an easy one. Take leftover bread, the heels, those 2 biscuits you didn't finish, cornbread that's too much to eat, really anything and throw it into the freezer. As you get another piece add it to the bag. You can mix all types together. It actually makes the bread crumbs better. If you have a Food Saver make a bag extra big. When you need to add pieces to it slit the bag open add and reseal. To use throw the frozen bread, no need to thaw, into a mixer or a food processor to grind up. Or you can go old school and beat it with a rolling pin or shread with your hands.
Now you no longer have to buy bread crumbs and you kept yourself from throwing out perfectly good food. I like to use mine in meatloaf! Hmmmm meatloaf.

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